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“….With subtlety and a touch of magic Irena Joannides manages to delve into this young woman’s inner world, unfolding in front of the viewer’s eyes her protagonist’s nostalgia, her most intimate thoughts and desires, which recount lost persons and places. Reading between the lines of this clear-cut story, the viewer learns that the woman’s father is missing in action, that her brother did not endure the test, her grandmother died because of her inability to accept the destruction of a world dear to her. Only through an attempt at a re-assessment of her relationships with other people can the protagonist reclaim her rightful place in the world….” – Ricardo Lopez, Cine-Epiloge, March 31, 1997

“….The young film director, Irena Joannides, received an Honorable Mention for Creative Quality for her film “Her Violet Garden” from Worldfest Houston/30th Houston International Film Festival. This award carries special significance this year, since for the 1997 festival there were 4,150 submissions from 31 countries….” – Phileleftheros, May 15, 1997

“….Her Violet Garden, stunningly shot in glistening black and white.”– Louisville, November 1997



“Dear Irena, I just finished watching Maggie’s story on “Neighbourhood Stories.” I was so moved and impressed, I had to find out who created this series. My search led me to you. […] Thank you again for your amazing work. I was so very moved.” ~ T.

“Erella, I viewed the entire doc on you. You are a life force! I loved it! So well done. Nice pace, editing. I’m so glad you consented to doing this. […] I got to know so much more about your approaches to life and your art. Incredible! I feel like a richer man as a result.” ~ G.

“I saw your ‘story’ on Rogers cable recently – Erella, are awesome. My partner and I were blown away at your courage & strength in dealing with life and all the crap it has handed you that has been bad. […] I feel a kinship to you that way and you are just a remarkable and accomplished woman. Thank you for sharing your life with the folks at Rogers Cable for your other Neighbours in Toronto!!! Bless your cotton socks!!!!!!” ~ L.

“Erella, I just saw you featured on Rogers’ “Neighbourhood Stories.” You are sooooo inspiring, and I completely connected with you. What an amazing woman you are!!! ~ A.

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