creates and produces film and television

Viewer Mail

“Dear Irena, I just finished watching Maggie’s story on “Neighbourhood Stories.” I was so moved and impressed, I had to find out who created this series. My search led me to you. […] Thank you again for your amazing work. I was so very moved.” ~ T.

“Erella, I viewed the entire doc on you. You are a life force! I loved it! So well done. Nice pace, editing. I’m so glad you consented to doing this. […] I got to know so much more about your approaches to life and your art. Incredible! I feel like a richer man as a result.” ~ G.

“I saw your ‘story’ on Rogers cable recently – you are awesome. My partner and I were blown away at your courage & strength in dealing with life and all the crap it has handed you that has been bad. […] I feel a kinship to you that way and you are just a remarkable and accomplished woman. Thank you for sharing your life with the folks at Rogers Cable for your other Neighbors in Toronto!!! Bless your cotton socks!!!!!!” ~ L.

“I just saw you featured on Rogers’ “Neighbourhood Stories.” You are sooooo inspiring and I completely connected with you. What an amazing woman you are!!! ~ A.


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