Creative documentary | Short art film

SYNOPSIS: Josh makes his living inside an 18sqft glass box – possibly the smallest coffee shop in the world.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A man making a living in a glass box… when did space become so precious? This 6-minute visual documentary follows the daily routine of a micro café’s owner in Toronto, Canada. From his tiny window to the world, Josh sells artisan coffee on the go. The pride he takes in every cup always on display. Sure, he’s a bit of a curio but, at times, he disappears in the cityscape – engulfed by the interplay of sights and sounds outside, inside, around, and through his 18sqft enclosure. Oh well, it’s all in a day’s work, “One espresso, please.”

KEY CREATIVE: Producers: Irena Joannides, Antonin Lhotsky | Writer/Director: Irena Joannides | Photography: Antonin Lhotsky csc| Editors: Irena Joannides, Antonin Lhotsky | Sound Design & Mix: Steven Ejbick | Consulting Editor: Mandeep Singh Aujla

SPECIAL THANKS: Joshua Campos | The Coffee Lab, Textures Sound, Suzanne Nuttall, Omar Majeed

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Atalanta Entertainment, 2020


If you are a film industry pro (festival programmer, distributor, broadcaster, etc.) and interested in the film, please contact us directly or visit FilmFreeway

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