Atalanta Creative

Atalanta Creative is the creative services arm of Atalanta Entertainment. We work with publishers, companies, and individuals, locally and internationally. Our services:

MULTIPAGE PUBLICATIONS: Cover design and layout of inside pages of books. We have taken more than 150 books and periodicals from concept to completion. We specialize in print publications.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Business cards, letterheads, promotional material, proposals, brochures, menus, logos, calendars, web graphics (e.g. banners, ads), etc.

VISUAL ART & ILLUSTRATION: Original digital artwork in a variety of styles created through photomontage and illustration. Our work has been featured in magazine editorials, children’s books, book covers, films, and gallery exhibitions.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS: One-stop-shop for children’s books: We provide illustration services based on your original manuscript, as well as book design services.

WRITING| COPY & CONTENT EDITING: Irena Joannides, Atalanta Creative‘s principal writer/editor, has written for print, radio, television and film on a wide range of topics and genres (e.g. journalistic and creative writing, scripts/screenplays, radio/TV shows, marketing/advertising copy, press releases, pitches/proposals, presentations, product descriptions, blog posts, reviews). Her writing has been published in Europe, Canada and Australia, and broadcast on Rogers TV, OmniTV, CityTV, CIUT.FM, CFNY.FM, Q107.FM, CyBC. She provides copy and content editing services to publishers, broadcasters, writers, websites, businesses, organizations, etc.

GREEK TO ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Irena Joannides, Atalanta Creative‘s principal translator, specializes in prose, poetry, drama, essays, articles, screenplays, etc. Her regular clients include the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cyprus PEN Centre, and Armida Books. Highlights among her countless credits are two dozen standalone volumes, several anthologies and novels, including “The Experiment” by Myrto Azina-Chronides (Garnet Publishing, UK – Winner of the European Union Prize for Literature 2010) and “Australia and Other Poems” by Michalis Pieris (Ylandron Publications, Australia).

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