Her Violet Garden

Haunted by memories of the people and home that she lost, a young refugee woman tries to come to terms with the war that tore her life and family apart. (Irena Joannides, Canada/Cyprus, 1997, Drama, 18 min., 16mm with optical sound, B/W, Language: English.)

SCREENINGS & AWARDS: The film screened at over 30 festivals worldwide, winning the following awards: Silver Medal at the 11th INT. SHORT FILM FESTIVAL CINEART (Hamburg); Bronze Award at WORLDFEST-CHARLESTON INT. FILM FESTIVAL (USA); Kleine Diana at the 10th INT. FILMFESTIVAL DES NICHTKOMMERZIELLEN FILMS (Austria); Two Stars Award at the 28th CANADIAN INT. ANNUAL FILM FESTIVAL (Canada); Finalist Award at the 30th ANNUAL WORLDFEST HOUSTON (USA); Honorable Mention at the 45th COLUMBUS INT. FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL (USA); Honorable Mention at the NARRATIVE SHORT FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL (Cyprus).

CAST: Christina Pavlidou, Despina Bebedelli, Nana Georgiou, Orestis Marangos, Phani Papamichael

CREW: Producer: Paul Lee | Writer/Director: Irena Joannides | Director of Photography: Mostafa Hammuri | Editors: Joseph Hoffman & Wiebke von Carolsfeld | Music: David Ferguson | Sound Design: Shawn Firth

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Imago Mundi Productions Inc, Ganymedia Inc.

FUNDING: Department of Canadian Heritage, Canada Council Explorations, Racial Equity Fund, Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee

SPONSORS: Arriflex G.B (London, UK), Carlin Production Music (London, UK), Stanhope Productions (Yorkshire, UK), British Airways (London & Cyprus), AudioVisual Services (Cyprus), Lumiere Services (Cyprus), Phoenix Editorial Services (San Franscisco, US).

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