Surreal road movie… A young artist unwittingly tunes into a frequency on his car radio that leads him deep into the night and into the realms of his imagination – a strange, droll and terrifying journey from which there may be no return. (Irena Joannides, Cyprus/Canada, 2010, Drama, 35mm|HD|Dolby Digital 5.1, 30 min., color. Language: English.)

CAST: Alexander Michael, Alexia Paraskeva, Elena Savva, Antonis Katsaris, Jenny Gaitanopoulou

CREW: Producer: Haris Ioannides | Writer/Director: Irena Joannides | Director of Photography: Antonin Lhotsky | Production Designer: Lisa Tsouloupa | Editor: Sandy Pereira | Music: James Mark Stewart & Savvas Savva  | Visual Effects Editor:  John Richardson | Sound Design: Daniel Hamood | Sound/Mix Supervisor: Daniel Pellerin

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Armida Publications Ltd, Imago Mundi Productions Inc.

FUNDING: Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee, Toronto Arts Council

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