The Mysteries of House

Documentary on Toronto’s House music scene. Currently in pre-production.

PROJECT SYNOPSIS: House music is an onslaught of joy, love, freedom – what happens when the soul takes over the body in dance! Rooted in Toronto’s scene, the documentary project The Mysteries of House will explore House music culture and the psycho-spiritual aspect of the music. Award-winning filmmaker Irena Joannides has been at the core of this subculture since its birth, as one of the city’s foremost promoters during the movement’s global rise. Her deep understanding of House culture, combined with her unparalleled access, will shed light on an urban phenomenon that satisfies the human need for community and ecstatic communion.

MESSAGE FROM THE PRODUCERS TO HOUSE-HEADS: If you wish to be considered for appearance or to contribute as crew/creative/sponsor/co-producer, contact us. We see this as a community effort. This is our story. Help us tell it! 

The Mysteries of House

KEY CREATIVE: Producers: Irena Joannides, Munire Armstrong | Writer/Director: Irena Joannides | Director of Photography: Antonin Lhotsky CSC | Sound Design: Geoff Raffan | Sound/Mix Supervisor: Daniel Pellerin

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Atalanta Entertainment, YN Films



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